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The Pro Terra Sancta Association

Pro Terra Sancta is an Italian association implementing projects for the conservation of the cultural heritage, to support local communities and to help in humanitarian emergencies. Pro Terra Sancta operates in the Middle East mainly where the Franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land are present such as in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Palestine. The Holy Land is the center of the world, a crossroads of peoples, religions and cultures and it is where everybody has their roots.

The Holy Land is also the place where the Christian faith originated and Pro Terra Sancta works there in collaboration with the local communities. The Association promotes projects to increase awareness of our common roots, to foster sustainable development and to provide humanitarian relief and growth opportunities to the most vulnerable people.

Pro Terra Sancta is a non-profit organization officially registered at the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – AICS in Rome and hold an EuropeAid ID number at the European Commission in Brussels. Pro Terra Sancta mission is to involve people from any backgrounds in supporting social, educational and cultural projects and to foster bonds between the Holy Land and the world.

Dar Al Majus Community Home

Dar Al Majus Community Home, a Pro Terra Sancta initiative in the Middle East, collaborates with the Franciscan Friars, focusing on social service, cultural enrichment, and sustainable economic practices. The integral social service department provides support like job placement internships and medical aid, addressing unique challenges in the Palestinian context. Known as the “House of the Magi,” Dar Al Majus is a cultural hub hosting book presentations, concerts, lectures, and workshops. Language courses in Italian and Arabic, along with art and cooking workshops, enrich its cultural offerings. The Fair Trade Bazaar promotes sustainable economics, facilitating ethical exchanges to support the local community. With two guesthouses blending traditional architecture with modern functionality, Dar Al Majus provides accommodations near the Nativity Church. It aims to impact Palestinians’ lives by addressing social needs, fostering cultural exchange, promoting sustainable economics, and offering welcoming accommodations in Bethlehem.


Dar Al Majus Fair Trade Bazaar

In the age-old tale of the three wise men gifting baby Jesus, treasures of profound significance were unveiled. Today, Dar Al Majus Bazaar’s handmade souvenirs echo this timeless value. “Majus” in Arabic means Magi, and “Dar” translates to “house,” aligning with our philosophy of considering artisans, suppliers, and customers as integral parts of Dar Al Majus’ family. This familial unity transcends transactions, sharing the Nativity story and preserving Palestinian cultural traditions. Based in Bethlehem, fair-trade principles define Dar Al Majus, ensuring fair compensation for vulnerable women, disabled individuals, and local artists. More than a marketplace, we’re a platform for growth, collaborating with over thirty suppliers to offer a diverse collection of quality products. This Bazaar forms a unique family, where art, design, and culture converge under Palestinian creators’ skilled hands. Our commitment to equality and ethical standards binds us together, expressing gratitude to each customer.

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Dar Al Majus Guest House

Welcome to Dar Al Majus Guest House, your cozy home just steps away from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, right in Manger Square! Picture waking up to the sight of the Nativity Church right outside your window. We’re all about warm welcomes, fantastic views, and family-friendly rooms. Whether you’re into trying local dishes or whipping up your own in our kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Parking is stress-free, and we’ve got free Wi-Fi to keep you connected.
Our name, Dar Al Majus, means “the house of the Magi.” Imagine the Three Wise Men strolling down our very own Star Street, where our guesthouse now stands!
Whether you’re here for a pilgrimage or just a relaxing getaway, Dar Al Majus Guest House is your peaceful spot within walking distance of Bethlehem’s top spots. Come stay with us, and let your windows open up to the magical view of the Nativity Church!

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Dar Essideh Guest House

In the heart of Bethlehem, Dar Essideh Guest House, operated by the Pro Terra Sancta Association, is a retreat that has a commitment to cultural preservation and community development. The guest house, named “House of our Lady” in homage to the Virgin Mary, is strategically located on Essideh Street, a few steps away from Manger Square, the Nativity Church, and the Milk Grotto. With an elegant building featuring a ground-floor courtyard and well-appointed rooms, Dar Essideh offers a mix of comfort and cultural richness. The four ground-floor rooms are complemented by a well-equipped kitchen, while the second-floor houses three additional rooms, a small dining area, and laundry facilities. Guests can enjoy the charm of Bethlehem from the rooftop terrace, with a panoramic view of the city.

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